Dr. William Currier B.Sc., DC

Dr. Currier is a third generation subluxation based chiropractor and is the owner of Currier Chiropractic Clinic. He is trained in diversified adjusting techniques and incorporates modalities and exercise programs as part of his treatment.

He is a strong advocate of preventive care and wellness. Dr. Currier’s goal is to not only relieve his patient’s pain but also educate them about the value of preventive care. He believes it is important for patients to realize that pain should not be their barometer for care. Only then will patients be on the true path of wellness.

Dr. Lauren C.M. Freeburn BA Kin., DC

Dr. Lauren Freeburn is a life-long resident of Wallaceburg. She graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in June 2012 and has been practicing at Currier Chiropractic ever since.

Dr. Freeburn focuses on high-quality patient care, with a special interest in sport and work-related injuries, pregnancy and preventative care. Dr. Freeburn is trained in both diversified chiropractic techniques and muscle release techniques.

Dr. Freeburn also incorporates the use of modalities, exercise and nutrition prescriptions in order to optimize her patients healing and return them to their fullest potential.


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